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In 2012, Child Survival Centre hosted the East African Orphan Summit at the City Hall Downtown Nairobi. The conference attracted NGOs, Churches, CCIs and Adoption Agencies, among them Child in Family Focus, Little Angels Network and Buckner Kenya. These Organizations began a conversation surrounding a possibility of creating an alliance to steer a movement to popularize the Alternative Care for Children in Kenya.

Arising was a need to form a Network of likeminded Organizations that would steer the country to popularize Alternative Family Care for Children since it became obvious that there is lack of knowledge of the same within the Kenyan society.
We then reached out to more Organizations to consolidate the ideas and experiences that the Organizations have gone through to justify the and build a case on why we need to have an Alliance to bridge the gap that has been existing amongst us.

In 2013, the Organizations that came together pulled a big CHILD ADOPTION CONFERENCE in Hilton Hotel which was an eye opener. It gave us the energy to push for the Organizations to come together for there were several problems that could only to be addressed substantially by a different Organization other than the current players in the Child Protection circle.

In 2016, the initiative was launched at Brackenhurst, Limuru and the members present elected an interim office which was to steer the registration. It finally got registered in October 2017 with the Registrar of Societies as a Non-Profit Organization.
In 2017, Alternative Children Care Alliance was finally founded and registered as a consortium of over 20 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working on child protection with an aim of working together to make Kenya one of the best and safest places in the Africa region for children as envisioned in the International treaties, the Kenyan Constitution and UNCRC provisions on Children Rights.

These are the Organizations that formed the Board to take it further, Child Survival Centre, Buckner Kenya, and Little Angels Network, Feed the Children, Compassion International and Girl Child Network.

Several meetings have shaped the Organization and right now we have a five year Strategic Plan to guide the Organization through.
Little Angels Network was requested by the Board to support with an office space which they did and the Organization, ACCA is now hosted in the Little Angels Network Office at the Kamirembe Place Building, 1st Floor.

Our Approach
ACCA will work towards building networks with churches, faith based organisations and any likeminded institutions and Organizations in ensuring the fulfilment of our vision.

This will be a needs based approach  in the sense that ACCA will assessing  the needs of the different partners we are working with to address their situations but all this will be based upon laid down Kenya Government and Internationally signed conventions that we will be working towards.  
ACCA will work with all our partners independently and ensure all their needs are met to the best of our abilities and expertise.

Our Technical Expertise
ACCA is privileged to have within our Alliance a range of expertise from Adoption Agencies, professionals, Legal experts on matters Children Rights, Children Rights Advocates, Children Officers , Faith leaders as well as Organisational strategic experts.
With all these, ACCA will offer both technical and Spiritual expertise to all our partners’ depending on their needs.

Our Impact
ACCA’s areas of focus and impact are as follow:-

Orphan Sunday: We will rally churches to set aside the second Sunday of each November to specifically focus on issues affecting Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
Our Orphan Sunday contact person will take lead in equipping Churches on how to use this occasion as a tool to reach out to not only the church members but also to the community in each locality to raise awareness on Alternative Family care where the focus is understanding biblically the place for all Vulnerable and Orphaned Children in our Society.

This will explain the biblical call we have as a society in terms of taking good care of vulnerable and orphaned children in our society and a call for the congregation to embrace Kinship, Guardianship, Foster care and Adoption as we move away from Institutionalised care of children. This will enable us leave the Institutions to take the role of Rescue to take back to Family.

East African Orphan Summit: To hold a summit every November to share knowledge, collect research findings, scripture and prayers for Orphans and Vulnerable children in the region for dissemination.
This summit will be the highest level of our learning about the challenges and how to improve in everything we go through in the Alternative family Care of Children and Family preservation and empowerment. It will also be a point of Networking.

Awareness Creation and Sensitization: To sensitize the Christian Community on their God given Role to care for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in our communities.
To highlight the needs in Christian families to open their hearts and homes to these Children through: - Foster Care, Guardianship, Adoption, support to Adoptive and Foster Care families among other ways.

Training of Trainers: - To train and equip Pastors and Church leaders to form the Orphan Care Ministries in their respective Churches.
Upon the formation of the Orphan Care Ministries they will respectively their Church members on the same and make practical steps to create ways of support groups around the parents that are willing to bring home children as well as building capacity of the ones already in the practice.

Lobbying and Advocacy: To enable a good environment for the practice and for the best interest of the child, the Alliance will work with all the stake holders and more so the Parliamentary select committee to look into any arising issues in the Children’s Act and any other laws in place to make things flow to the best of the practice.

Capacity Building:  ACCA will assess the organisational needs of all its partner / members organisations to better understand their needs and identify areas of capacity building as a way of strengthening their capacity to serve and work better.
Assessment and Capacity building of the churches, faith based organisations, Adoption Agencies and Community based organisations will be based on the expressed need by the respective organisations. All the trainings will be tailor made as per the individual organisation’s needs. 

Lobbying and Advocacy

To enable a good environment for the practice and for the best interest of the child, the Alliance will work with all the stake holders and more so the Parliamentary select committee to look into any arising issues in the Children’s Act and any other laws in place to make things flow to the best of the practice.



ACCA membership is open to subscription from institutions, organisations, Individuals, Churches, Legal and like-minded organisations with an interest in Children Protection and more specifically Alternative Family Care for Children.
Vision Statement  
To be a society where all children have access to parental and holistic care.
Mission Statement
To protect and promote family care for Orphans and Vulnerable children.  
Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Professonalism
  • Accountability
  • Child Centred
Our Objectives
  • To empower families and communities on economic and psycho-social developments to care for children.
  • Champion for the rights of children as enshrined in the UNCRC African Chatter.
  • To empower and equip faith based Organizations on their role in child care.
  • To enhance the capacity of ACCA to execute her mandate effectively
Membership, Organizations and Agencies
The Alliance is composed of the following members:-
Our Programs/ Activities/Initiatives
  • Public Awareness and Advocay
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Workshops


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